Valeo range has been extended with engine filtration products!

Valeo range has been extended with engine filtration products!
Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide.


As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO2 emissions.


The Group’s innovation strategy, aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions and developing intuitive operation, has enabled it to anticipate new market demands and strengthen its profitable growth momentum. The new Valeo is more technological, innovative, dynamic and profitable.


Valeo is committed to limiting the environmental impact of our activities. To ensure a high level of environmental safety and prevent pollution, our operational directives are based on the most stringent global standards, focusing on production processes that have less impact on the environment, biodiversity, waste treatment and distribution processes.


Valeo filters are designed to meet users’ needs and to provide the highest possible quality standards of filtration.


Valeo air filters are designed to block particles as small as 40 microns (40µm), i.e. half the thickness of a human hair.


Valeo’s new engine filter offer has the great benefit of superb ease of use.


The air segments of the filter offer are easily identified by their green packaging. This color coding simplifies stock management and product identification and highlights the smart system for product part numbers, which are displayed on five sides of the packaging. These part numbers are easy to remember for both aftermarket professionals and users.


We are inviting you to try Valeo filters in all AD Baltic network and e-shop